The Vitalis Advanced Health team offers patients alternative, natural treatments for chronic pain and debilitating diseases. We treat the root cause of illness, rather than working to mask its symptoms. Specializing in the holistic care of diabetes, our unique approach not only prevents disease, it holds the power to reverse its effects. Discover the possibilities by contacting us for your first appointment now!

Why Choose Us?

As the only integrative medical clinic in the area offering natural treatments for diabetes and other chronic illnesses, we provide science-backed therapies that gently treat the whole body, not a group of symptoms.
Led by Drs. Darren and Kelley Kirchner, our team includes some of the most sought-after and respected healthcare professionals in the region. We possess the knowledge, education, experience, and compassion to treat patients of all ages. If you’re even slightly curious about what natural, integrative healthcare can do for you, contact us now!

Vitalis Advanced Health and Kirchner Chiropractic Clinic both operate within the Kirchner Clinic in Kahoka, MO.

Vitalis Advanced Health and the Kirchner Clinic are locally owned, family-operated clinics that have been in our family since 1960. During that time, we've had the opportunity to serve patients throughout the Midwest, and truly from around the world. It has been our honor and privilege to serve almost 40,000 patients.

Vitalis Advanced Health provides some of the following services:

Diabetes treatment

Heart disease treatment

High blood pressure treatment

Natural primary care

And more!

Call us today to learn about how Vitalis Advanced Health can help you.